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Based in the heart of Bollington CWF is a private gym, sports studio & personal training & coaching facility on the edge of the Peak District. Offering bespoke health & fitness packages for Nutrition (health & performance), Core Strength & Conditioning & Personal Coaching Plans.

With a passion for progress, building confidence, and developing physical & mental wellbeing, you can be confident that your goals, whether health, nutrition or fitness based, will be the starting point for any of your bespoke coaching or training sessions. 

Bespoke Coaching Packages CWF Bollington

Bespoke Coaching Packages

How does it work?

From your initial consultation, we will identify the areas of your health &/or fitness that need to change! Whether that’s looking at energy levels, lack of mobility or core strength, family or time constraints or general fitness, we will work with you towards your goals, at times to suit your availability.

We can invite you to train with us at our private gym facility or remotely via zoom, when distance and time are limiting factors, as well as plan a weekly timetable of sessions and short term goals for you to work on.

1-1 Personal Coaching is not a one off – it’s a journey that’s built on trust, support and a plan that’s challenging, inspiring and achievable – for you!

1-1 Personal Training from Claire Whitworth Bollington

1-1 Health & Fitness Coaching

From your initial consulation, we will design a bespoke training plan to work with you towards your goals, at times to suit your availability.

We can invite you to train with us at our private gym facility or remotely via zoom, when distance and time are limiting factors.

From core strength based programmes to full Strength & Conditioning work, your weekly sessions will be progressive and monitored, with feedback and support to keep you motivated, on track and adapted to fit in with any changes during the week such as work, illness, or family.

A 1-1 Personal Training Session is not a one off – it’s a journey that’s built on trust, support and a plan to reach your goals.

Nutrition Coaching from Claire Whitworth Bollington


Food is for fuel, growth, repair and function. Understanding your individual needs, how your body uses and requires energy for different purposes and what your body needs through different stages of your life as well as during any fitness or training program is how we work with you on your nutrition goals. From athletic performance to menopause, fat loss to improved health, we are here to listen, support and guide you through your body and what it needs.

Virtual Fitness Classes from Claire Whitworth Bollington


Keeping you STRONG & FIT we deliver a weekly mix of LIVE & PRE-RECORDED easily accessible training sessions for Off Bike Core Strength and On Bike training. You can sign up* for monthly access and enjoy joining in with Live sessions throughout the week, and accessing videos to train at a time to suit you, along with a private Facebook group, WhatsApp Social Group Chat & weekly Newsletter.


Watt Bike Training from Claire Whitworth Bollington


Our coached Wattbike ® sessions offer focussed training based on your goals and your fitness levels, through interval training, power/strength work, aerobic capacity training and also developing pedalling techniques to improve performance.

Sessions can be booked either individually or in blocks of 8, or if you have any other training requirements just talk to us and we will see how we can help.

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What clients say


Jenny (42)

Training with Claire has given me far more energy than it has taken from me. I have muscles that I have never had before and have already reached my goal of being bike fit for this Spring to cycle in the Peaks.

Jodie (September 2020)

Me & My mum started training sessions with Claire a few weeks ago. We are really enjoying it, each session is so different. Claire pushes us so much even when we are feeling tired as she knows what we can achieve! Claire is so knowledgeable and has so much enthusiasm. Thanks again!

Fiona (Feb 2019)
I'm a spinning convert after going to Claire's sessions. Amazing workout, great music and fun too. I would highly recommend, Claire is a fantastic Instructor.
Deborah (May 2018)

Fantastic class every time, Claire or james really drive you to perform at your highest level, an amazing workout, I love it xxx

Rachel (Jan 2019)

Great fitness and specific to cycling! Makes a difference when on the road but also a great work out! Instructors knowledge and music is first class!

Yvette (July 2018)

Seriously good classes - best spin classes by a mile... good fun , great music, everybody encouraged from start to finish - all made welcome no matter what your level - thank you both Claire and James for being so supportive and inclusive.


Questions & Answers

How can you help me lose weight & improve my fitness?

We will run through some key health & fitness checks, in order to set the bar - where are you now and where you need to be - both from your and our perspective - quite often they have some differences! There is no magic formula, no magic diet, no magic set of exercises as everyone is unique. We will have a starting point, identify areas of your nutrition and / or fitness that need to change (remember nothing changes if nothing changes), plan the end targets (based on all your existing metrics and fitness levels) and put together a bespoke plan that's achievable in small chunks, reviewed on a regular basis, and adapted around your work/life/family life.

Why should I use a personal Health & Fitness coach?

Motivation. Accountability. Support. Encouragement. 
Professional & personal knowledge, understanding & experience of individual client's needs.

How much will this cost me?

From £100 per month (for 4 individual personal coaching sessions) to a wide range of options for bespoke coaching to support your needs, from nutrition analysis for health & wellbeing (eg: Menopause) to training for a specific event (such as a charity walk) or even that big day. 

Can you help with training for an event?

Planning for an event several months away is key to ensure you arrive on the day knowing your fitness, endurance & strength is ready for the challenge. Sticking to a plan ensures fatigue levels are managed (overtraining can often lead to failure), along with ensuring the right balance of fuel and recovery, to keep progressing across all areas. From one off challenges to maintaining a high performance throughout a season, we can work with you to achieve that goal.

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Smile! What makes you smile?

I love this old photo of when I was 5 years old, smiling on my new bike. Fast forward 40+ years and I’m still smiling, new bike or old, it still makes me smile 😊 every time!

Find your smile and shine everyday 🌞 #smile #findyoursmile #dowhatmakesyouhappy #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo

Need a helping hand getting a hold on your health & wellbeing? Fitness isn't just a few YouTube HIIT sessions and a run after work. Looking after your daily fuelling and more importantly your R&R - Rest and Recovery - will give your body the balance it needs to function and give you a long term healthy, life to enjoy with family and friends.

Nothing changes if nothing changes - sometimes its about finding what that change needs to be: lack of energy, missing nutrients, lack of routine, sleep, tech, lack of mobility... the list is unique to you. If you would like some help with making those change, with elements designed just for you - call Claire on 07766 281223 and we can start your changes today. From £100 per month - no hidden costs - all about you. #makethechange #health #wellbeing #motivation #energy

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Spicing things up tomorrow for Plank Friday! Double up for double the fun!

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Your goal becomes my goal when we work together. When Jenny got in touch last August her goal was to be able to enjoy cycling in our local area in the Peak District - challenging terrain to say the least.

Jenny works in the NHS, a difficult and exhausting occupation, even more so through 2020, with limited available time to train. She was feeling sluggish and sedentary with no motivation to train.

What did we do?

We worked together on a weekly basis, designing both on and off bike sessions to work towards this goal.

In Jenny's word 'I now have muscles that I have never had before and I’m looking forward to the spring and the Peak District hills on my bike. Covid has meant we have trained, through zoom, in my garage and in her studio - all sessions have been fun and challenging..... apart from when she gets me doing lemon squeezers- an ab exercise she says is good for me- but I have grown to hate/love/hate. Training with Claire has given me far more energy than it has taken from me. Goals achieved, and we are continuing to maintain the new strength & fitness, ready to jump on the bike as the weather turns a corner.'

Goals are there to be achieved, surpassed and rewritten as the journey progresses. What are your goals and have you got a plan? #itsyourjourney #thisgirlcan ##personalcoachıng #cycling #peakdistrict #bollington #goals #motivation

Super excited working with @pepperstreetuk on my website!!! #coachinglife #fitnesscoach #nutrition ...

5kg - this is what 5kg looks like. Thought I’d use the products to show one of my female clients exactly how much physical fat they had lost over the last few months, along with their massively improved fitness levels. Absolutely bloody fantastic!!

We have a 12 month plan. Nothing happens overnight.

S&C, cycling, rest and recovery days and a nutrition overview to match energy needs with output, recovery, growth and repair.

More than proud ☝️#healthgoals #internationalwomensday
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Let’s move! Just 15-20 minutes a day of mobility and focussed Core Strength work will add miles of smiles to your rude, walk or run. Get in touch to see how we can help. #cycling #running #corestrength #onlinepersonaltrainer 07766 281223 ...

Finding time to plan and stick to my goals. As much as I love planning new sessions, trying new recipes, meeting new clients and updating training plans, I also love training!! What’s your me time favourite? #training #goals #fitforpurpose #fitat50 ...

Strength time, got to try the new belt! #strengthgains #gymsession #personaltrainer #gymbunny #cycling #fitness #nutrition #fitfor50 ...

Ready to flex and stretch this morning at 8am, with a mix of mobility and core throughout the week for all cyclists or athletes and ideal for all levels of flexibility, online turbospin daily from 09:15... turn up the heat! Who knows Terence might join us this morning for some bunny kickbacks! #onlinefitness #onlinepersonaltrainer #flexibility #mobilitytraining #cycling ...

3rd block of 30/30 zone 5 efforts.... those roots need sorting!!!! @adelehamernutrition get me booked in for your first appointment after lockdown please!!! #hairroots #hairfail #sweatfest @james_roberts_coaching @wattbike ...

Sharing the love ❤️ this Valentine’s Day, wishing you a happy, healthy day with your loved ones, which may include your bike 🚴🏻!!

Keeping you balanced and focussed we are ready to start our new week with off and on bike sessions, online everyday weekday.

All levels welcome, specific focus on cycling stretching and mobility as well as strengthening the core to reduce fatigue levels when cycling, running and also walking.

DM with any questions, the only daft question is the one you didn’t ask.

Unlimited monthly zoom access £25

See you at 8am Monday for Mobility and stretching and on the bike at 09:15

07766 281223

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This morning’s core strength session was all about balance. Cycling requires equal strength and stability on both sides of the body, in order to deliver efficient, consistent power to pedals. Being able to move through a full range of motion whilst maintaining balance will add miles and smiles to your ride 😎🚴‍♀️ #cyclinglife #cyclingstrength #corestrength #mobility #flexibility #balance #cyclerace #strenghtandconditioning #lifebehindbars ...

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