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Energy gives energy, and I hope that if you and I start on a plan together, you look back in a few month’s time and say, wow, I’ve found my va va voom – even if you didn’t realise it had got up and gone!

What can I say in the ‘About’ section that you want to hear? It’s a really tough ask!

I would love to give a complete history of how I started cycling age 5, riding every weekend including up and over the Derbyshire Peaks, come rain or shine – my school mates thought I was bonkers! But you can ask me about that another time.

Or how I started racing age 12, and found myself on the National Junior ladies Road Squad aged 16…. If you want to know more, just ask when we catch up.

My 20s and 30s were about family, where I learnt a lot about myself, made lots of mistakes, had life ups and downs, saw my health & fitness decline, which gave me a massive kick start to remember who I was, what I’d achieved and who I could be again.

So here I am, with growing teens, a cycling coaching & Bike Fit business with my partner, and my own personal coaching business to help you, find your va va voom.

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Not sure Terence was totally into the tunes! #gymbunny #bunniesofinstagram #bunny #gym ...

New heart rate peaks | Intense activity | New thresholds set...

Job done for our Friday morning online spin, my coffee tasted good whilst watching the heat rise through the screen! 😂 ☕️ 🥵

Back on for a new week Monday 09:15

Online unlimited monthly access just £25, subscribe via

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One session, 3 different sets of legs with this cheeky boy. And not a single swing. Keep it simple. Keep it fun! #kettlebell #strengthtraining #thisgirlcan #fitnessfun ...

It really feels like yet another new beginning as we ease into the next stages, and how great does that feel?! Mondays really do have that New Start buzz so go grab it and enjoy! We are still online every day with Bitesize Mobility and Core, and online Spin, as well as daytime personal training slots too! Here to lend a helping hand to support you on any part of your health & well-being journey. #wellbeing #fitness #exercise #cycling ##café #corestrength #bollington #nutrition ...

***A helping hand***

1-1 personal coaching is just that. A helping hand to stay on track, to know you are keeping everything in balance, and to be confident in your weekly life choices around health, nutrition and fitness.

However, life isn’t a bed of roses, and has a cheeky habit of getting in the way of well laid plans!

Sometimes we all need a bit of support and encouragement and, let’s face it, a mental boost! And that’s where I can help.

If you need a chat around your current goals and personal expectations, don’t be too hard on yourself and let me support and guide you around the areas where you feel you are losing some control, whether it’s fuelling, weight management, fatigue, work/life balance or simply general core conditioning.

Here to listen, and give a helping hand.
Claire 07766 281223 #cycling #personalcoachıng

Lunch just got a little bit more tasty!! @knowlesgreen_bollington #shoplocal #bollington #postriderecovery ...

Finding the balance isn't easy. So if it seems like there's not enough time in the day, then that's a definite sign that something needs to change!

Make a list of the top 5 jobs that need doing each day, if anything new pops up - don't add it.... you are already full!

I'll keep saying it, switch of the social media (emails/text/Facebook) for fixed times during the day. If someone really wants or needs you, they will pick up the phone.

Go grab your life and make it yours, and if you need a helping hand in any part of your health or wellbeing, please, just ring! Have a great weekend!
Claire 07766 281223 |

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What an amazing sunny week we've had! I hope everyone has had their fill of Vitamin D. Despite a pretty weary and achy last 36 hours, I'm extremely grateful to have had my first jab, and look forward to the next steps as we continue to unlock back to normality. Still keeping you mobile and active Monday to Friday with Bitesize mobility and core sessions, and online cycling. Unlimited access £25 per month with subscriptions online at

Here's to another fun filled active week! #onlineexercise #onlinepersonalcoach #fitness #health #cyling #cyclist #nutrition #Wellbeing #personaltraining #bollington #macclesfield

Planning the weekly meals, snacks and shopping list??

Start with the plants and protein sources and you can’t go far wrong!

Don’t worry about keeping a few processed foods like pizzas and ready meals in the freezer for those emergency moments. We all need those!

Need a helping hand? Just get in touch to talk through any areas of your health, wellbeing or fitness #foodforpurpose #health #wellbeing #lifestyle #fitnessmotivation #healthybody #protein #bodypositive #bollington #jamesrobertscoaching

Let’s crack on!! Still virtual, still strong! ...

This little dude was blissfully soaking up the sun today! Magical moment #macclesfieldforest #peakdistrict #daysout #timeout #friends #bollington ...

Smile! What makes you smile?

I love this old photo of when I was 5 years old, smiling on my new bike. Fast forward 40+ years and I’m still smiling, new bike or old, it still makes me smile 😊 every time!

Find your smile and shine everyday 🌞 #smile #findyoursmile #dowhatmakesyouhappy #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo

Need a helping hand getting a hold on your health & wellbeing? Fitness isn't just a few YouTube HIIT sessions and a run after work. Looking after your daily fuelling and more importantly your R&R - Rest and Recovery - will give your body the balance it needs to function and give you a long term healthy, life to enjoy with family and friends.

Nothing changes if nothing changes - sometimes its about finding what that change needs to be: lack of energy, missing nutrients, lack of routine, sleep, tech, lack of mobility... the list is unique to you. If you would like some help with making those change, with elements designed just for you - call Claire on 07766 281223 and we can start your changes today. From £100 per month - no hidden costs - all about you. #makethechange #health #wellbeing #motivation #energy

Wishing you all a fun filled Easter Weekend! Whatever the weather take time out, switch off the phones and laptops, climb a mountain, ...

Spicing things up tomorrow for Plank Friday! Double up for double the fun!

Grab your partner. Get intimate and spice up your planks... message for zoom link on 07766 281223 #planksarefun #spiceupyourlife #exercisemotivation

Bon appétit 😋 one of our favourite throw it together weekend meals #foodforfunction ...

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