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Alison, 50

CWF Case Study - Jenny 42

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My key sport is running and currently my club cannot operate so I don’t have the structure of things happening at certain times. Claire’s online cycling/spin classes are at regular times of the day which means that I now have it as a habit and don’t put it off until later in the day (which sometimes never comes) – all too easy when you’re doing something on your own.  

During winter it’s good to have something that pushes me otherwise it’d be hard to bother, I need the motivation of knowing someone is there to push me on.  It’s also good to see some other faces and we have a good laugh at the start and end of the classes.


My current goals are general fitness and strength. I am hoping to do a few running events this year, and possibly a triathlon, therefore improving my stamina and overall strength is a must.  Plus I know that regular exercise helps keep my mental health on an even keel.


Having the structure to my day has really helped me maintain and improve my fitness. The sessions are really friendly and great that anybody can drop into from their own home! Claire’s classes are very inclusive and you can choose a resistance that suits your fitness.  I use a turbo trainer but others are on watt bikes or normal spin bikes and it is always made clear what we all should be doing on our different set ups.  Doing it on line from home has also allowed me to do more sessions, if I had to drive to a class it would take up more of my time and I’d certainly not be able to get there after work as I’m pretty much straight off the laptop and on the bike.

I also like that if I can’t attend my normal sessions Claire will record so I can do afterwards.

Would you recommend a friend?

Absolutely. I tried spin years ago at a gym and hated it, all flashing lights, press ups and glo sticks which isn’t me at all.  I like the fact that we pretend we’re climbing a hill or whatever as it feels more real and relevant. I’m not a cyclist and although I have cycled it’s not something I’m very competent with.  I’d be too nervous to go out on a ride with all the proper cyclists as I’d be left behind or hold them up but on a static bike that can’t happen so we can all do the same activity and maximise it to our own levels.  I literally have no idea if people are producing the same power as me or have much higher resistance but it doesn’t matter, they’re still in the same place on the screen so we’re all still a pack.

What’s your favourite session?
I Love the Thursday night 30 min spinfit session.  I don’t work on a Friday and it makes me log off at a sensible time and do something that takes me away from the stresses of the day.  Plus it’s only 30 minutes so over nice and quickly leaving me the evening free.
Alison, 50


Other Case Studies

Ian, 48

Ian, 48

Since starting the Mobility & Core Strength sessions, around 6 weeks ago, my flexibility has improved so much! I can now get full flat hands onto the floor in a hamstring stretch, whereas before I could barely get my finger tips to the floor.

Jenny, 42

Jenny, 42

Training with claire has given me far more energy than it has taken from me. Goals achieved, and we are continuing to maintain the new strength & fitness, ready to jump on the bike as the weather turns a corner.



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