Case Study

Jenny, 42

CWF Case Study - Jenny 42


  • Difficult and tiring occupation as NHS Nurse.
  • Available time to train, and energy is always limited.
  • Felt sluggish and sedentary with no motivation to train.


To be bike fit and ready to enjoy cycling with my partner in the local area (peak district) in the summer, build strength to enjoy the hilly area and maintain my flexibility, currently just through weekly yoga sessions.


Claire worked with me on a weekly basis, designing both on and off bike sessions to work towards this goal. I now have muscles that I have never had before and I’m looking forward to the spring and the Peak District hills on my bike. Covid has meant we have trained, through zoom, in my garage and in her studio – all sessions have been fun and challenging….. apart from when she gets me doing lemon squeezers- an ab exercise  she says is good for me- but I have grown to hate/love/hate

Training with claire has given me far more energy than it has taken from me. Goals achieved, and we are continuing to maintain the new strength & fitness, ready to jump on the bike as the weather turns a corner.
Jenny, 42


Other Case Studies

Ian, 48

Ian, 48

Since starting the Mobility & Core Strength sessions, around 6 weeks ago, my flexibility has improved so much! I can now get full flat hands onto the floor in a hamstring stretch, whereas before I could barely get my finger tips to the floor.

Alison, 50

Alison, 50

What’s your favourite session?

I Love the Thursday night 30 min spinfit session.  I don’t work on a Friday and it makes me log off at a sensible time and do something that takes me away from the stresses of the day.  Plus it’s only 30 minutes so over nice and quickly leaving me the evening free.



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