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Food for Purpose

As a human being we have a need to survive. We need energy for growth, activity, and all functions of the body such as breathing, digesting food, and keeping warm; materials for the growth and repair of the body, and for keeping the immune system healthy.

Nutrients provide us with all the tools we need for survival, but how often do we actually think about what our food does for us?

What I need, and what you need, at a basic level is the same – energy to live and breath, however life isn’t that simple! Work, family, sport, holidays, illness, age…. different stages of our lives require small, but often necessary adaptions to ensure we meet the demands made on the body.

Teenage years

Spikes of energy around growth & development


Awareness that our social lives will have a big impact on our future health

Family life

Adapting energy needs to sedentary jobs/physical activities & sport/ preparing meals to suit more than just yourself!

Male/Female Hormonal changes

Menopause / Illness / Injury / physical changes / bone density

Mature athletes

Recovery & Repair awareness / training stress

If you feel great most mornings when you wake, can carry out your daily activities with ease, exercise regularly with enough energy to enjoy what you do, know that your clothes fit well and your BMI is within a healthy range then congratulations! You’ve nailed your nutrition needs.

Signs that somethings need to change.

  • Feel sluggish upon waking.
  • Lack of energy during the day.
  • Skin blemishes / hair dull / nails brittle
  • Waistline growing (more than 88cm F / 102cm M)
  • Regular illnesses
  • More prone to injury
  • Performance dropping in sport/training/racing
  • Not recovering well after training
  • Muscle cramps

The list isn’t exhaustive, but sometimes, it’s the small things that can make life feel 10 times worse than it should. Sleep being one example – the body needs sleep to repair/grow and reset for the following day, if you aren’t feeling completely rested each morning then there is a need for something to change.

How to book

Please use the online booking system at the bottom of this page. Once you have completed your purchase, Claire will be in contact to arrange appointment times and dates which are suitable. If you prefer to speak directly with Claire you can contact her on 07766 281223 or email


If you would like to include nutrition in a bespoke package or tailor a nutrition plan please contact CWF.

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 Nutrition for Health PackageNutrition  4 Health



Ideal for anyone looking for help and advice to analyse their current nutrition habits with bespoke recommendations based on personal goals / consultation results.

  • 1 x initial appointment and 2 x follow up appointments.
  • Including: Consultation Analysis Report | Recommendations | Final review
  • Period of Consultation and support (3 months) £150



Nutrition for Performance PackageNutrition 4 Performance 

Performance | Recovery | Weight Management | Long term Health


Ideal for anyone looking for a longer term, accountable plan to analyse their current nutrition habits with bespoke recommendations based on personal goals / consultation results.

  • 1 x initial appointment 5 x follow up appointments.
  • Consultation & Analysis, recommendations, follow up plans, monthly reviews. Final Review.
  • Period of Consultation & Support (5-6 months) £250



CWF Nutrition Packages


Choose from either a 3 month Nutrition for Health plan or the 6 month Nutrition for Performance plan. Once purchased Claire will contact you directly to arrange appointment dates and times.

Please note that packages are non-refundable. Appointments made within a package can be moved as long as a full 48hr notice is given to change the appointment.

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