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Cycling & Core Strength

Online Training, both on and off the bike, for all levels of cyclist, athlete and anyone looking for virtual, athlete focussed, easy to follow, low impact exercise, supporting your weekly training and fitness routine.

Keeping you STRONG & FIT we offer a weekly mix of LIVE & PRE-RECORDED easily accessible training sessions. You can sign up for monthly access and enjoy joining in with Live sessions throughout the week, and accessing videos to train at a time to suit you, along with a private Facebook group, WhatsApp Social Group Chat & weekly Newsletter. Claire is a Spinning (R) qualified instructor and National Level Masters athlete.



Questions Core Strength

What is my core?

The area of the body, which is commonly referred to as the core, is your midsection and it involves all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides. The core includes the traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats. Your core also involves your gluteal muscles at the back and the pelvic floor and hip muscles below. These muscles all work as stabilizers for the entire body. Your core holds your limbs in place!

How do I find my core muscles?

By working through different exercises, you can recruit and find each of the muscle areas within the core, from the deep inner muscles to the obliques. Here is a link to some simple exercises to find and recruit your basic core muscles

Before starting any new weight or training program, its vital that you ensure your have a strong core before you start to overload your body. Failure to pay attention to your core strength prior to a fitness program can result in injury through poor posture and form.

How can improving my Core Strength improve my athletic performance?

Without solid muscles in your core, you lack the stability, power and endurance you need for better performance. Developing your core increases your ability to run, cycle, swim farther or faster as you become a more balanced, efficient athlete.

How can a stronger core reduce risk of injury?

Before starting any new weight or training program, its vital that you ensure you have a strong core before you start to overload your body. Failure to pay attention to your core strength prior to a new fitness program can result in injury through poor posture, imbalance and poor form.

When fatigued, most athletes lose form and can start to lose balance which can then lead to limbs (knees and hips especially) becoming less stable and susceptible to injury through a fall or improper alignment.

Equally, a strong core can reduce the chance of straining your back carrying out simple tasks around the home such as cleaning, lifting and carrying.

You don’t need the classic chiselled 6-pack to have a strong core – the strongest muscles are hidden deep inside and quietly give you that inner strength.

Questions Online Cycling

What bike do I need?

Any indoor cycling bike is suitable for the sessions;
• Turbo trainer/road bike
• Smart turbo trainer/road bike
• Wattbike ®
• Spin / indoor cycling bike (any model eg Peleton, Spinning, BodyMax etc.)

What equipment do I need?

  • Normal cycling kit (shorts/sports vest or top) and cycling shoes.
  • If wearing trainers ensure they are solid platforms and laces are tied and not loose.
  • A water bottle and towel.
  • Heart rate monitor* (apple watch/fitbit/garmin/wahoo etc.) *not essential
  • Own music (if appropriate)

How is the session delivered?

We run the online sessions using the zoom app. You will need a zoom app and account (free version will work) and a visible screen.

How do I know what to do in the session?

We will normally have the session on display as the main screen in the zoom app, with countdowns and ‘beeps’, along with clear verbal instructions throughout the session. All you need is a screen (phone/ipad/laptop etc.) and sound on. Some riders choose to wear headphones. Riders will be muted after a social catch up at the beginning and at the end of the session.

Will I be able to keep up?

Of course, all the sessions are accessible whatever your fitness or experience. Guidance is given on how hard to be trying or what resistance/gears to be using. All efforts are individual, you are in control!

CWF  Core Strength

  • Improve Mobility & Range of Motion
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Increase Core Strength

Sessions: 20 Minutes

Improving your flexibility, mobility & core strength are the starting point for any health & fitness journey. Whether through increased training hours or longer periods of inactivity due to work commitments, putting up with inflexible joints, tight muscle areas, poor posture or painful twinges should not be an option.

All our sessions are delivered with the beginner in mind, for anyone who struggles to reach their toes! and those looking for a cycling specific off bike workout.

Ability level: Low Impact, ideal for beginner / intermediate and all levels of cyclist and athlete.

Equipment: Zoom, Mat, Zoom, comfortable clothing, water

Focus: Building strong foundations for any form of training

Spin/Turbo Indoor Cycling

  • Build Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Ride with a group
  • Focussed training zones

Sessions: 30 – 50 minute sessions

Sessions are between 30 – 50 minutes long, with early morning HIIT sessions at 7am over the winter, mid morning training sessions at 09:15 and evening ‘Race specific’ or HIIT training at 18:00.

All levels of fitness are welcome, you cannot get left behind on the session, with full guidance throughout to ensure you are working to the appropriate training zone, endurance, speed or power. All training is at your pace, you are in control of your effort and can take a break at any time.

Ability Level: All levels – its just like riding a bike

Equipment: Zoom, Spin bike / Turbo / Peleton ® / Wattbike ® plus water & towel, breathable exercise clothing

Focus: Guided cardiovascular training sessions, with a range of endurance, HIIT, power and strength elements.


If you would like to include online classes in a bespoke package or tailor a fitness plan please contact CWF.

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