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Wattbike ® Coaching

Training with power is an absolute. Heart rate can fluctuate (fatigue, illness, levels of fitness) but the number of watts produced is….. the number of watts produced.

Our 1-1 coached Wattbike ® sessions offer you focussed training based on your goals and your fitness levels, through interval training, power/strength work, aerobic / anaerobic capacity training and also develop pedalling techniques to improve your performance and efficiency.

Our Bollington studio offers the very latest equipment with the Wattbike ® Nucleus, featuring a high definition performance touchscreen, delivering the most advanced performance feedback for a fully connected user experience, and the original, Wattbike ® Trainer, designed for all users.

The pioneering Wattbike ® has set the standard for indoor bikes. Scientifically accurate, these indoor trainers provide the most in depth workout data, during every single cycling session. Before starting any fitness program, set your training zones, test your baseline fitness levels, set your power goals and set the starting point for your fitness journey

FAQ  Watt bike®

What is a Wattbike ® taster & Set up session?

Never ridden a Wattbike® before? Seen them at the gym and looked the other way? Get the most from your training, understand the amazing training elements within the machine and learn how to build and use Wattbike® sessions effectively in your fitness plans. A 90 minute taster session with us will guide you through a full set up including your bike position, understanding the data & training sessions and a short coached training session.

Is a Wattbike® suitable for any level of fitness?

Absolutely! From rehabiliation to Elite performance, the Wattbike is able to support any level of fitness or training, and with guidance and support, can provide a totally unique and 1-1 level of training to support you with your goals.

Do I need special shoes or kit?

Just some comfy exercise clothes, loose fitting and breathable, cycling shorts are ideal, firm trainers, a towel and your drinks bottle. We have a range of both saddles and pedals to suit most riders. 

Does Wattbike® Training help any type of sport or athlete?

From Rugby to Hockey, Cycling to running. The versatility of training with the power, dynamic anaylsis of real time training, heart rate function, and overall real ride|feel data means the Wattbike really is for everyone. 

How can I book a session?

Sessions can be book either individually or in blocks of 6.

  • Wattbike® 1-1 (1 hour) £30
  • Wattbike® 1-1 (block of 6) £150
  • Wattbike® Taster Session (1 hour) £40

We also offer Wattbike®  (and other indoor trainers such as Peleton®) Bike Fits if you have your own, and can set up either in our studio or at your home. For a bespoke training plan or Bike Fit, get in touch and see how we can help! Bike fits from £40.

How to book

Please use the online booking system at the bottom of this page. Once you have completed your purchase, Claire will be in contact to arrange appointment times and dates which are suitable. If you prefer to speak directly with Claire you can contact her on 07766 281223 or email

Important Information

All clients will be required to fill out an online rider consent form including health,  fitness & lifestyle information, prior to attending any sessions.



If you would like to include online classes in a bespoke package or tailor a fitness plan please contact CWF.

Get Started

Book a Wattbike® session

CWF WattBike


£40 taster session, £30 per session / £150 6 week plan. Once purchased Claire will contact you directly to arrange appointment dates and times.

Please note that packages are non-refundable.
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